Dora López Prieto.

Dora Lopez , artist painter, born in Tumbes - Perú .
Graduated from the “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes” in 1987.
speciality : Drawing and Painting with the famous artist Andrés Molina. Lives and works in Atlanta , USA.



José Antonio Bravo
El Comercio
Lima - Perú


Since Cezanne used fragmentation of the iconographies as model to paint his works, since Picasso and Braque gave course to the Cubism, Kandinsky and Mondrían decomposed the reality to arrive to synthesis, irrationality was settling down in the art of this century .

At the end of the First World War, Germany and The United States of North America, there were the Abstract Expressionism and the famous Action Painting respectively, they coincided : the most important thing in the realization of the art of painting was the psychic state of the artist and he might show it in a single session; since them reviews have reconsider their evaluation patterns.

In this framework we find at the Gallery “2V’S (The Precursors 376, Chacarilla). Dora Lopez a thirty year-old young painter but very mature.
We can see in Lopez´Painting a lyrical abstraction with certain grades of expressionist, (only in some canvases).

Lopez structures his spaces with a rigorous composition handling forces which are sustained through a harmonic election of tones and shades: frequently appealing to the collage and the materials, resources of the mixed technique where one comes from surrealist and the second from non formalism .

The Non figuration practiced grants her work an entire finish forces by the painting .

And also because the ease of her line, the rhythm of the brushstoke, the appropriate
one dripped, the subtle transparency for the funds and the final finish of the spatula application .

Dora Lopez has exhibited her works in Poland, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala, Italy and Peru, with near forty exhibitions among singular and collective in only seven years of professional works, that tell us the quality of her work .


Peruvian artist.Graduated in “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes” 1987.


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